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Thanksgiving 2022

Oh friends! Its pie  and pumpkin spice season. 


and we are HERE FOR IT. or at least I will be in Sioux Falls ;) 

As I was preparing this years Thanksgiving menu which is a combination of your requests and feasibility (I am sorry to the 20+ of you that requested caramel rolls- very sorry but not a chance!) This year the focus is on pie and cakes. Yes there were many requests for cookies but I wanted to focus on items that would stay good for a longer time if picked up on Tuesday or not eaten on Thanksgiving day itself. (Cookies are best eaten as soon as possible and cookie season is right around the corner!!!!!) 


Pies! 5 types of pies to be exact. 


Why aren't there any cream pies?? Under SD Food law I can't sell anything that needs to be temperature controlled or refrigerated for 


I want to thank you for the most beautiful and delicious cake I have ever seen/had!!! And I have to tell you a totally true story- Dalton and I are not huge cake people but we both woke up yesterday morning and were craving your cake so badly… so badly that Dalton and I literally ate the entire top tier for dinner last night! Those little crunchy bits in the carrot cake… omg sinfully good. Thanks for helping me put an end to my wedding diet in the most epic way. You have an insane gift for baking and can’t wait to say “I know her!” when you become famous for your cakes!



When customers cut into what they describe as “a work of art” cake, they are delighted to find it tastes as good as it looks. I take great pride in my scratch recipes and, therefore, use only fresh quality ingredients, guaranteeing wonderful flavor. From hand-blended icing to homemade fruit filling, we’ll take care of all of your wedding dessert needs.

Vanliere-Finished 2-0253.jpg
Perfect Match?

Already know we are a perfect match? Fill out some details and send me a message! I always encourage brides to start the wedding cake process early. I am mostly a one woman show and I like to put all my attention and detail into every wedding cake I do. Consequently, I only take one wedding a day. So once you know your date, let's get it booked and get this delicious dessert party rolling! Weddings have a $300 order minimum.




The cupcakes at our wedding last night were gone in like half an hour. People couldn’t stop talking about them!

941CA209-ACAA-4DE2-BF09-049289180426 2.J


Lauren, we were absolutely BLOWN AWAY with how beautiful and delicious our wedding cake turned out. Cole loved his groom cake and it was far beyond my expectations! You are amazing!!



Thank you so so so much for doing the wedding cake!! Everyone was blown away! That’s definitely one of the best cakes I’ve ever had in my life! You are so talented Lauren!

At Bakologie, I believe that a wedding cake is all about partnership.

It’s the perfect harmony of flavors, textures and looks. It becomes a symbol, a lovely centerpiece that celebrates your first anniversary with you and gets captured in photographs for you and the next generation to enjoy. Take a look at some of my past weddings to see what I can do. 


Pricing is extremely dependent on design, but all cakes start at $4 per serving and go up from there. Simple buttercream cakes with fresh flowers have a flat fee of $4 per serving. For a two tier cake (like the one pictured) it would be $160 and would serve 40 people. I will give you a custom quote once we’ve discussed your wedding cake design together.

A beautiful wedding cake displayed at the front of your venue (that tastes BETTER than it looks) is worth the investment. 

If a beautiful, unique, one of a kind, and delicious wedding cake sounds like what you need for you wedding send me an email and I'll send you my wedding brochure that has all the information you could need. 

I have a $300 order minimum for weddings.



Cupcakes are a great way to serve dessert to your guests. No need for messy cutting and they are definitely more aesthetic than traditional sheet cakes. Add a sweet focal point to your reception with a cupcake table that begins at $2.25 a cupcake. This includes cake stand rental, set up, and flavor cards. 


Dessert tables

My signature dessert tables include a variety of my most popular desserts to WOW your guests. Your guests will get to choose their dessert adventure from a variety of beautiful and delicious desserts. #goals Ensure a sweet night with dessert tables packages beginning at $4.00 a person. This includes cake stand rental, set up, and flavor cards.

100 person minimum



Due to my busy custom cakes schedule, I am not currently offering tastings. If you are interested in trying a cake flavor/s feel free to order a cake. The smallest size for chocolate or vanilla is a 4 inch ($25) or you can get other flavors in the 6 inch size ($42-52). If you would just like to try my desserts in general follow me on instagram and watch out for my flash offerings (for cupcakes, cookies, and other fun items)!



cakes don't LOVE car rides

I get asked ALOT about how far I will travel with wedding cakes. My general rule is not farther than an hour from Sioux Falls (ex Vermillion & Brookings). Cakes don't really like to travel (cuz they melt) and driving a cake for hours is pretty stressful. Also since I do this on my own traveling can take up a fair amount of time. Delivery is $100 per hour outside of the Sioux Falls area.


Now I never say never to traveling to new places so we can always chat if you do happen to be outside the radius! 

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