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How to Order

There are 3 ways to order Bakologie cookies 


1. Stop in at Breadsmith and pick out what you want! In April cookies will be available every Friday and Saturday in each store for you stop and grab. In the store you will be able to pick out which cookies and how many of each that you want and they will package them up for you and send you on your way! 


2. You can order online ahead of time! This is the best way to ensure that you will get the cookies you want. You can order 1, 20 , or any number in between via the online site. Pre orders for the weekend will close on Wednesdays in April! When you order and pay online, you will select the date and location you would like to pick up at. Then all you have to do is stop by during store hours and they will have the cookies ready for you. 


3. You can give your Breadsmith store a call and have them set cookies aside for you or place an order!

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