Everything you love about cinnamon rolls minus the flour. 12 handmade rolls, risen twice and rolled with care. Sure these rolls are bit denser than a traditional roll but I am not complaining one bit. Topped with my signautre cream cheese frosting. (dairy free rolls are iced with a glaze) This product is not acceptable for people with severe intolerances as it is not made in an allergan free kitchen.

12 ct Gluten Friendly Cinnis

  • Best practice would be to put them in air tight container but I also know that they are a pain to move out of the pan. GF cinnis do dry out faster than traditional rolls! 

    You have the option to request frosting be packaged seperately from the rolls if you would like to reheat them in the oven. To reheat the rolls place them in a 350 degree oven for 5 minute or until warmed through but be VERY CAREFUL not to overbake as it will dry them out. 

    Otherwise, you can reheat them in the microwave with the frosting. This is also heavenly because the frosting gets melty.


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