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Photo by Christa Ballard


ABOUT Bakologie

So here's the story. It started out in a back classroom at a local Hobby Lobby store learning how to decorate cakes with a grainy stiff frosting and cakes that had exploded in my oven. Looking back, I cringe at the "works of art" that I made. Of course, I was proud of these inital successes (the keyword there being "intial"). This was a start, a jump off the diving board into the delicious pool of sprinkles, frosting, and cupcakes that is the baking world. Luckily for you the story does not end here, after all practice makes perfect! Today the goods are better (MUCH better) and a wee bit prettier. 


Now the cakes stay in their pans when baked and the frosting is whipped to perfection, and the taste, well I'll let that speak for itself. So sit back, browse the pictures, wipe the drool from your chin, and maybe order a good or two. 


Photo by Christa Ballard


Photo by Christa Ballard

Lauren Lavin


I am a big fan of dessert. Clearly. But what keeps me going in this work is a lot bigger than the butter.  Honestly, my favorite part about this "job" is being able to take part in all of your special occasions. It truly is the sweetest. And I think its best summed up by this little excerpt I wrote below.  Sugar basically rules everything around me. But I'm not complaining, you don't win friends with salad.


Photo by Christa Ballard

Lessons from a Lemon Meringue Pie

This weekend I was asked to make a pie for a woman's last request in hospice. Shockingly enough, a request such as this can really make one think... As I zested lemons and whipped up meringue I thought about all lemon meringue pies this woman must have had over the years. And while I'm sure those pies were good, I'm guessing the memories and the moments that went with them were better. I bet lemon meringue pie brought back sweet memories of friends and family that she had gathered over the years, moments of celebration and joy. I always find it remarkable that food has a unique way of connecting us to moments and people that have long passed. You know, like that barbie birthday cake where the cake was the skirt of the dress or maybe your grandma's ginger cookies at Christmas? We all have those desserts that bring us back to just a moment in time. Sometimes all it takes is a bite of lemon meringue pie to bring you back to those sweet memories, a walk down memory lane, even if only for a moment. I love cake and pie (really any sort of refined sugar-- I don't discriminate), don't get me wrong, but this job is about SO MUCH MORE than the cake. It's about celebrating simple joys, sweet milestones, and lifetimes of happiness with a little extra sugar. So I'm grateful to be a part of the happiest of moments that you will remember for a lifetime and also provide ways to bring you back to those memories with just one bite. And while I know I said it wasn't really about the pie, I do hope it was the best dang lemon meringue pie she ever had. 💛✨🍋

xo lauren

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