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Special Diets 

You deserve good cake too.  

I know how hard it can be to find GOOD cake when you don't eat dairy or gluten so I am helping to solve that problem, enter "inclusive baking."  Most of my cake flavors can be made gluten free and a good majority of them can be made dairy free as well, making my offerings inclusive of many dietary preference and necessities. YAY! and my gluten free cake is GOOD period. Not just "good for gluten free!"


There will be an additional fee based on your specific needs but it’s based on the price difference in the ingredients. I know having dietary restrictions can cause enough stress and I don’t want to add to that by taking advantage of it and charging absurdly higher prices. However, I do not have an allergy free kitchen so these products are not suitable for severe intolerances or allergies. 

At this time I do not make tree nut allergy friendly desserts as I use almond extract in too many of my recipes to confidently prevent cross contamination.

I only usually take one or two special dietary orders per week as they take more time than traditional orders so if you know you want something be sure to order it ahead of time to get the best chance of having an order accepted! 


Cake flavors (all can be gluten/dairy free):

vanilla, champagne, chocolate, red velvet, cookies and cream, chocolate PB, lemon  

Gluten free cakes are an additional $10

GF & DF cakes are an additional $15 

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